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eThings Pen Holder Wireless Charger For Apple iPhone13/12Pro Mobile Phone Samsung S21/NOTE20 Wireless Charger

por eThings
Precio original $32.74 - Precio original $32.74
Precio original
$32.74 - $32.74
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1. Input size: 12V/2A; 9V/2.7A

(Please use QC3.0 or PD adapter with power not less than 18W)

2. Output power: 15W/10W/7.5W/5W;

3. Conversion efficiency: greater than 73%

4. Transmission distance: charging distance ≤ 8mm

5. Size: 98*98*108MM

6. Input interface: Type-C

7. Product Color: Black

8. Product Material: ABS+PC

9. Applicable Models: QI standard wireless smartphone

Pay attention to the wireless charging of the mobile phone with a protective case

Can be charged through a 3mm thick non-metallic case

No metal ring/metal plate/credit card/back clip battery