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eThings Hot Mini Micro GPS Trackers Locator For Kids Children Pets Cats Dogs Vehicle With Google Maps GSM GPRS Tracker

by eThings
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Automatic voice control, real-time return If there is a voice, it will automatically record and send back, and there is no time limit for 24 hours, so you can answer it anytime and anywhere to avoid missing it. If there is no sound, it automatically sleeps to save power


Double silicon microphone design, recording wider and clearer The dual silicon microphones work synchronously, the sound is clearer, the recording storage is not limited in the cloud capacity, can be shared and downloaded, and the key anti-theft sound is not lost


IPX5 waterproof


Very small size, easy to carry


Intelligent noise reduction The human voice is clearer, 20 meters remote recording, you can record it when you hear it, and restore the scene with high fidelity


Systematic management One account can manage multiple vehicles, unified view, car rental, fleet, and taxi management update and efficient, unlimited number


Upgrade comparison, old and new comparison


Multiple intelligent power saving modes, long standby time


Vibration alarm, Quick Find

Built-in highly sensitive vibration sensor equipment

Send a reminder immediately when you feel the vibration of reversing


HD electronic street view, quick view 3D high-definition street view, real-life photos, with satellite maps, you can quickly find the target in an unfamiliar environment


Electronic fence, in and out alarm Arbitrarily set a radius of 50-5000 meters, when a person or car enters the tracker range, it will automatically alarm


Easily query historical tracks The cloud automatically saves the 180-day historical track, the itinerary is clear at a glance, the search for people and objects, collection and storage, safe and effective


precise positioning

It has 4 modes: GNSS+GPS+LBS+WIFI (customized)

Indoor, outdoor, and underground parking lots can be positioned. The tracker works according to its own movement, and the movement is automatically positioned. When it is still, the positioning is turned off and it enters offline sleep.

Strong magnetic adsorption

Strong magnetic absorption in the car, any corner with metal, no fear of bumps, no damage to the car, small size, no space

8 anti-theft alarms

Newly upgraded 8 anti-theft functions, you can work with peace of mind, and leave it to the anti-theft

Three modes switch






What is GPS and LBS positioning 1. GPS (Global Positioning System, global satellite positioning system), GPS positioning is performed by receiving longitude and latitude coordinate signals provided by GPS satellites. 2. LBS (LBS-Location Based Service, mobile location base station system), and LBS calculates the location of the mobile phone through the difference of the base station signal of mobile communication.

LBS, base station location service, is to locate the location information (longitude and latitude coordinates) of terminal equipment through the mobile network base station of the operator, and provide location services for enterprise users. Its working principle is also very simple: the base station is uniquely determined in the mobile network, and its geographic location is also unique, and the distance between the three base stations (three points) and the hardware device can be obtained. According to the three-point positioning principle, it is only necessary to draw a circle multiple times with the base station as the center and the distance as the radius. The intersection of these circles is the location of the hardware device. Both positioning have their own advantages, but they also have shortcomings 1. GPS positioning: The advantage of GPS positioning is accuracy. As long as it can receive positioning signals from four satellites, it can be positioned within 5-10 meters. In GPS positioning, because the receiver is covered by at least 4 satellites at any time, the signal is well guaranteed, and because the satellites are condescending, and the satellite clock and atmospheric interference are excluded, the accuracy can also be guaranteed within a few meters to tens of meters. The disadvantage is that GPS is greatly affected by weather and location. When the weather is bad, or under a viaduct/shade, or in the corner of a tall building, an underground garage or an open-air lower garage (or simply when the sky is not visible), GPS positioning is Will be greatly affected, and even unable to perform location services. 2. LBS positioning: The advantage of LBS positioning is that it is convenient because it is positioned through a mobile phone, which is of great significance to the energy consumption of the device and extending the standby time. Theoretically, as long as the signal difference of the three base stations is calculated, the location of the mobile phone can be judged. Therefore, as long as the user's mobile phone is within the effective range of the mobile communication network, location positioning can be performed at any time without being affected by weather, tall buildings, location, etc. LBS positioning is subject to two restrictions. (1) The position coordinate value obtained by calculating the signal difference of the base station is obviously inferior to the positioning accuracy of GPS (the accuracy of LBS base station positioning ranges from 500-5000 meters); (2) The use range is narrow. Although LBS will not be affected by weather, viaducts or tall buildings, if it exceeds the service range of the mobile phone, or the number of base stations where the mobile phone is located is insufficient, LBS positioning cannot be performed. (3) The influence of the repeater on the base station data; (4) If the database is not updated in time, mobile communication operators may change, add, or delete base station numbers at any time. From this point of view, it is not suitable for field use. Mobile phone positioning is based on the existing mobile phone communication base stations, which is greatly affected by the environment. Due to the scarcity of base stations, mobile stations are located within the range of 1000-2000 meters in the suburbs and rural areas; the positioning range is 100-200 meters in the urban area, and it cannot be received The location of the mobile phone signal cannot be discussed.