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H60 6000PPB Intelligent Hydrogen Rich Water Cup Portable Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Cup Leak-Proof Mug Healthy Drinking Cup

by eprolo
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1. Improve cellular health, enhance better nutrient absorption in the body, improve blood sugar and other health problems of diabetics  
2. Made of food grade PC, high quality and safe to use  
3. It only takes 3 minutes to make a cup of hydrogen-rich water that can be drunk directly  
4. Better hydrate the body, increase blood circulation and help reduce saturated fat levels  
5. Improve the memory of the elderly and reduce constipation problems  
Product Specification:  
Product Name: Hydrogen Rich Water Mug  
Hydrogen solubility:6000PPb
Hydrogen production water quality: pure water / distilled water  
Battery type: polymer battery 2200mAh  
Voltage output: 5V 1A  
Cup body material: food grade PC  
Shell material: aviation aluminum + anodized  
Working time: 5-10 minutes  
Dispensing method: proton membrane  
Color: blue purple black white  
Capacity: 208ml  
Voltage power: 2.2W  
Charging time: 3 hours  
Charging interface: USB  
Product size: 198x63x63mm  
Product list:  
1x cup  
1x Charging cable  
1xInstruction manual