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Hand Holding Rotary Roll Out Butter Spreader Kitchen Gadgets Baking Butter Spreader

by eprolo
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Product Category:Kitchen Gadgets Set

Style: modern minimalist

Material: PP

Product size: 3.6*3.6*11cm


Butter spreader

(Easy to apply and delicious without sticking to your hands)


Gently smear delicious and enjoy

Butter sticks are easy to spread and easy to enjoy


Rotary push out to control dosage

Rotate out the amount to be used and apply directly


Can be rotated back after use

The preferred material is round and smooth

Can be in direct contact with food, safe and convenient to use


Easy to apply evenly to pans

The butter stick can spread the pan evenly and control the amount


With cover design to keep fresh and dustproof

Close the lid when not in use to prevent insects, dust and freshness


Mini and compact without taking up space

Butter sticks are small and can be put anywhere


installation method

①Press the bottom buckle and pull out

②Cut the butter of the rectangular parallelepiped according to the size of 6*3*3cm

③Place the butter on the turntable

④ Push the butter stick into the box with the lid

⑤Insert the rotating shaft into the butter

⑥ Rotate the bottom to push out the butter

(You can go back if you haven't used it)