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eThings 4G Pet Locator Gps Beidou Cat Dog Sheep Positioning Anti Loss Waterproof Collar Grazing Positioning Tracker

por eThings
Precio original $69.54 - Precio original $73.32
Precio original
$69.54 - $73.32
Precio actual $69.54

Product properties:

Material: ABS+PC

Model: K15

Memory: 10 (M)

GPS positioning accuracy: 10 (m)

Alarm mode: vibration alarm, power failure alarm, moving alarm, fence alarm

Overall dimension: 61.5 * 30.8 * 17.3 (mm)

Battery type: polymer battery

Battery life: 100 (h)

Waterproof function: IP67 waterproof

Antenna type: PIFA antenna

External power supply form: magnetic charging

Map function: HD map

Resolution: 10 * 10

Interface text: Chinese and English

Type: pet locator

Specifications and dimensions: flow ka, voice ka

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