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eZthings Forehead Thermometer Medical Non Touch Infrared with Fever Alarm

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Description :

Product Description

Forehead Thermometer - Non-Contact Design, Safe and more hygienic to use

baby thermometer

  • Tri-color back light, display green, orange & red with fever alarm function.
  • Memory function; Memory recall of 35 reading.
  • Multi function design, can measure forehead, room, object temperature.
  • Switching between mute and un-mute.
  • It will not disturb your sleeping baby.
  • Switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
Infrared with Fever Alarm
Heavy Duty LCD Display Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer
Medical Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer
eZthings Medical Non-Contact Forehead Thermomete


  • This thermometer is classified as a Class Ilafor CE/class II Medical Device, Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer with LCD Display Infrared Thermometer for Baby Kids and Adults Accurate Instant Readings
  • LAB TESTED - All International Certificate requirements: CE. Ships Same Day From DETROIT, MI USA. Available Next Day Air
  • Measurement distance: 2 inch - No need to touch Forehead. Suitable for baby, infant, kids, children, adult, pet, etc.
  • NOTE: MUST ORDER FROM REED WHOLESALE FOR ORIGINAL PRODUCT - there are fake Chinese sellers trying to sell this product from China. IR products with no real Certificates could cause you harm.
  • Tri Color Temperature Back-light: Green light - normal temperature. Yellow light - slight fever. Red light - high fever. Multi Functions - for temperature of room, food, water, milk, bath and other objects.