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eZthings UV-C Sanitizer - UV-C is used in medical and hospital settings to sterilize instruments, work surfaces and the air

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  • eZthings UV-C Sterilizer - UV-C is used in medical and hospital settings to sterilize instruments, work surfaces and the air

    Travel-Size Wand Air Purifiers. 100% Chemical Free:


    • With pure physical sterilization method, this ultraviolet sanitizer wand has high sterilization rate which can reach 99.9%.
    • There is no chemical or odor left, it is efficient and safe.
    • eZthings UV Wand ultraviolet light destroys substances with a light wavelength of 240-280 nm.


    What is UV Light Sterilization?

    Ultraviolet (UV) radiation occupies the portion of electromagnetic spectrum from 100 to 400 nanometers (nm). The UV spectrum consists of three regions:


    • UV-A (315–400 nm)
    • UV-B (280–315 nm)
    • UV-C (100–280 nm)


    Why is eZthings using UV-C light?

    Artificially-produced UV-C has been used successfully as a germicide and bactericide for decades. It can kill or disable the growth of micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, and it provides a chemical-free alternative to other disinfection methods, like using chlorine. Due to its effectiveness and advantages, UV-C is being used for an increasing range of applications. It is used, for example, for disinfection in wastewater treatment plants, laboratories, air-conditioning systems and even pools and aquariums as well as in various stages of food and beverage industrial processes. UV-C is also used in medical and hospital settings to sterilize instruments, work surfaces and the air.

    (This fact sheet is based on the Opinion of the independent Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER) on «Biological effects of UVC radiation relevant to health with particular reference to UVC lamps». February, 2017)


  • Clean Effectively in 10 Seconds: Turn on the UV light, simply sweep the UV light wand across the surface or stuff you desire to clean, it makes the environment safe and clean in 10 seconds without damaging any surface, makes non-toxic, no residue, no odor, no secondary pollution.
  • NOTE: Avoid directly looking at the ultraviolet light and direct exposure to human body for a long time, pets or plant for long term. CE, FCC, RoHS certified.
  • Child Lock to Protect from kids playing with the light. Safe to use for school bag, office, household, phones, toys, keyboards, laptops, toothbrushes, pillows, clothes and bedding.
  • The ultraviolet light wand built-in 2000mAh USB rechargeable batteries; with compact design and light weight super convenient for travel. Input interface: – Powerful 7W UV-C LED light units have a lighting life of over 10000 hours.